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Newsletter: 243sep2016.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...not sown until May. Chief CL is a variety you need to order if you can get hold of some. Its a new Clearfield wheat that finally has yields higher than Mace. Speaking of Mace, it has been Australias...
  ...but it is promising for malt classification. It yields as good as La Trobe and even though it is a Clearfield variety, you dont have to use any of the imidazolinone herbicides. But, it does mean you... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 238apr2016.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...eve (tralkoxydim), Axial (pinoxaden), an SU like Hussar (iodosulfuron), or even an Imidazolinone on Clearfield cereals to control ryegrass, then good luck. I know there are some who are fortunate to b...
  ...ontrol. You can also add Tigrex type herbicides to improve broadleaf weed control. 4) If you have a Clearfield cereal, you can add any of the Imi herbicides to the Boxer Gold/Defy post-em spray, but I...
  ...decent crop to harvest, or at least lots of biomass to cut for hay. Cereals (other grasses): 1) In Clearfield cereals, the Imis will control all grasses except ryegrass for most of you. The #4 brew above for a Clearfield cereal would get all grasses we usually contend with. 2) For wildoats, most of you still... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 237mar2016.pdf: [Buy this] you can. Sow Trojan and Cutlass wheat in last half of April for the highest yield potential. Sow Clearfield barleys earlier because of the better weed control options. Be careful with the rate you...
  ...ropping in price. It is getting closer to a point it is worth using. Spartacus Spartacus is the new Clearfield barley variety that is the same yield as La Trobe and is going to be a very widely grown...
  ...I love the name :-). On average, Spartacus is ~14% higher yielding than Scope, which was the first Clearfield variety we had in Australia. Spartacus does not lose heads like Scope was prone to do, an...
  ...milar to that of La Trobe. Spartacus is also less itchy, which is a welcome improvement over Scope. Clearfield barley varieties can be grown differently to the normal varieties. You can sow them earli...
  ...ver into next year if the soil is acidic. This can also work the other way around too. When you sow Clearfield wheat onto a normal barley stubble, you do not have to wait for the barley to germinate b... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 237mar2016.pdf: [Buy this] is 100g Factor (250g/kg butroxydim) + 500ml clethodim (240g/L) + 1% Uptake + 1% AMS. Clearfield Lentils (e.g. Hurricane XT): All of the above lentil brews are fine on the Clearfield lentil varieties, but there are some extra options on varieties like Hurricane XT. 1)SUs... damage at 2-4 times usual rates but it is OK at common rates. 3)If next years crop (i.e. after a Clearfield lentil) was one that could tolerate imi residues, you could use something like the follow... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 237mar2016.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...p resistant ryegrass or bromegrass. CL canola: 1)This should have 1-1.5kg propyzamide pre-sowing as Clearfield varieties are far more susceptible to propyzamide damage if applied PSPE or early post-em... (page: 9)

Newsletter: 236feb2016.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Then sow the paddock to any Clearfield crop you like and make sure you use high rates of the imazapic and imazapyr herbicides. Y...
  ...araquat as much as possible and make sure you achieve 100% control. Then sow the paddock to another Clearfield crop and so on for at least 3-4 years. If you can achieve four years of complete control,...
  ...(if other paddocks do not have the weed). An easy way to eliminate caltrop is to grow 3-4 years of Clearfield crops so that you can use high rates of the Imi herbicides and have control over the summ... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 235dec2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...IGB1334T - The imidazolinone (imi) tolerant version of La Trobe. Throw Scope away. This is the best Clearfield variety to have, if you can get some seed. The naming of this variety is imminent at the...
  ...ium red) and PBA Bolt (medium red) are not far behind in yield. PBA Hurricane XT (small red) is the Clearfield tolerant variety that is slightly lower yielding than Ace and Bolt but has more weed cont... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 235dec2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ironment. For northern WA with your radish, this will be better for you than a straight RR variety. Clearfield (CL) This is such a small market now across Australia and is dropping purely because of t... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 234nov2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...because you are waiting for a second weed germination before sowing. Sow an Imidazolinone tolerant (Clearfield) barley. We have used Scope but will now be using IGB1334T (to be named in January 2016).... so much easier next year. 2L/ha of 450g/L glyphosate + 0.2% Li700 + 1% AMS. Year 2: Grow an Imi (Clearfield) barley again. In Australia this is going to be IGB1334T if you do this in the next two y... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 232sep2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Scepter wheat (the 7% higher yielding version of Mace). IGB1334T barley is imidazolinone tolerant (Clearfield) with yields around 14% higher yielding than Scope, which puts it into the La Trobe yield...
  ...but unfortunately it wont be available until 2017 sowing. So in the meantime you will need to sow a Clearfield hybrid variety which also have excellent early vigour, or if you cant control weeds with...
  ...ld use kill the pest but not the predator type products whenever possible, my answer is I would use Clearfield variety, sow a longer season TT variety as early as you can. The aim is to get the canola... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 228may2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...longer if you used amine formulations of 2,4-D. Group B herbicides - These can be used in front of Clearfield crops with good safety, even seconds before sowing. Propyzamide - Cereals can tolerate 10... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 227apr2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...eve (tralkoxydim), Axial (pinoxaden), an SU like Hussar (iodosulfuron), or even an Imidazolinone on Clearfield cereals to control ryegrass, then good luck. I know there are some who are fortunate to b...
  ...ontrol. You can also add Tigrex type herbicides to improve broadleaf weed control. 4) If you have a Clearfield cereal, you can add any of the Imi herbicides, but Imazapic and Imazapyr are the best, to...
  .../L MCPA LVE) + 0.5% Uptake + 1% AMS. Not much will get through that. Cereals (other grasses): 1) In Clearfield cereals, the Imis will control all grasses except ryegrass for most of you. The #4 brew above for a Clearfield cereal would get all grasses we usually contend with. 2) For wildoats, most of you still... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 226mar2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...May. By the end of this year, we should be very close to seeing the release of one of the five new Clearfield varieties that are coming through. These will push Scope off the farm easily because the... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 226mar2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...never the season allows so that you are not relying on Roundup to do all the work. For those crops. Clearfield canola for example will tolerant post-em sprays of low rates of Glean and Monza (sulfosul...
  ..., but will be severely damaged by metsulfuron and triasulfuron. This is with our current choices of Clearfield canola. If we ever receive the twin gene Clearfield varieties, these will be tolerant to the SUs sprayed at any stage and rate. It is fine to use SUs in front of Clearfield canola and other tolerant crops. Lebeckia legume This is a new to Australia perennial pas...
  ...furon) and it is synergistic with it. However, you cant use it in front of legumes unless they have Clearfield tolerance (e.g. Hurricane lentils). 15g Logran BP with oil and glyphosate is also very us...
  ...osulam)) in the knockdowns if the subsequent crop is tolerant to them. If the crop is a cereal or a Clearfield crop (canola or lentils, including Yetna the CL +TT canola variety), these are tolerant to residues of all Group B herbicides. For example, Clearfield canola will tolerate Glean (chlorsulfuron), Ally (metsulfuron) or Logran (triasulfuron) sprayed immediately in front of sowing. High rates of Glean pre- sowing will hurt oats more than Clearfield canola. However, be careful using any Group Bs, other than Imis, post- emergent on Clearfield March 2015 No. 226 Page 3 Lebeckia... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 226mar2015.pdf: [Buy this] is 100g Factor (250g/kg butroxydim) + 500ml clethodim (240g/L) + 1% Uptake + 1% AMS. Clearfield Lentils (e.g. Hurricane XT): All of the above lentil brews are fine on the Clearfield lentil varieties, but there are some extra options on varieties like Hurricane XT. 1)SUs... damage at 2-4 times usual rates but it is OK at common rates. 3)If next years crop (i.e. after a Clearfield lentil) was one that could tolerate imi residues, you could use something like the follow... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 226mar2015.pdf: [Buy this] Other brief points: I dont think there is much future for canola varieties that only have the Clearfield tolerance because clethodim is failing and there are no other useful options to control l...
  ...p resistant ryegrass or bromegrass. CL canola: 1)This should have 1-1.5kg propyzamide pre-sowing as Clearfield varieties are far more susceptible to propyzamide damage if applied PSPE or early post-em... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 225feb2015.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...240g/L yielding noodle wheat for WA and Kunjin is the best Soft wheat. IGW3526 is a new double Imi (Clearfield) Wyalkatchem type wheat that has been released and will be named in February. Its yield is not as good as Mace, and is really no better than other Clearfield wheats. Its claim to fame is that it is the highest yielding Clearfield wheat in the northern regions of the WA wheat belt. Other than that, Grenade or Justica a... CCN, Boron toxicity and Spot Type Net Blotch. In nearly all areas of southern Australia, Scope (Clearfield) is a very useful malting variety. Grow it when you are sowing barley onto wheat stubbles... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 224dec2014.pdf: [Buy this] varieties that are less difficult to make their quality grade. Grenade (CL) looks to be the best Clearfield wheat with a few improvements on Justica CL and Kord. I cant wait for some higher yieldin... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 224dec2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...tered in Australia but it is elsewhere and is very safe to them at any stage and rate), but we have Clearfield (imidazolinone tolerant) sunflowers hopefully ready for sowing in 2015. NuSeed has a vari... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 222oct2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...genes extinct. What if.........? What if you deliberately mixed seed of an RT canola variety with a Clearfield canola variety and planted them, but with out herbicides? And to make sure there was some... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 221sep2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...reliable OP TT variety around at the moment. It just looks pathetic until harvest time. :-) As for Clearfield varieties, these really are on the way out. With Clethodim failing for nearly all of you... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 221sep2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...(250g/kg September 2014 No. 221 Page 4 control from these varieties. Until a Clearfield variety is released with tolerance to other herbicides (glufosinate, glyphosate, triazine... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 220aug2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...other SUs like nicosulfuron and rimsulfuron are safe and registered on corn outside Australia. X2 - Clearfield corn and sunflowers will tolerate all imidazolinone herbicides at high rates. 3 - Limited... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 218jun2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...p + clethodim in RR canola, Atrazine or Simazine + clethodim in TT canola, but for most of you with Clearfield canola, the Imis do not work on ryegrass (and bromegrass for some people now), and so tha...
  ...idly becoming useless against ryegrass. Therefore, if you know clethodim is a waste of time in your Clearfield canola, that only leaves propyzamide and a mat of well tillered grass needs around 2kg/ha... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 218jun2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...own large bromegrass at their label rates. Do not use Monza in barley. It will kill it. If you have Clearfield wheat, the cheapest and stronger option is to use 75-100ml Flame (240g/L imazapic) + 0.5%... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 217may2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...istance detected, cultivar reliant on adult plant resistance - Manage according to blackleg rating. CLEARFIELD SYSTEM VARIETIES Hyola 575CL R BF Hyola 474CL R BF Hyola 577CL R R Potential new or combi... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 217may2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ut has a registration for using pre- sowing whereas OnDuty has/had a post- emergent registration on Clearfield crops. They are claiming Sentry has 23% higher yields over Intervix (an over priced under...
  ...ou have the problem of weeds in the furrow not being controlled in a no-till sowing system. On Imi (Clearfield canola), always control the weeds at the 1-2 leaf stage, not 3-5 and not only pre-sowing. On Clearfield cereals, always control the weeds by the 2-3 leaf stage. 4)TT canola cannot be hurt at an...
  ...d canola with grass selective herbicides (if registered of course where you are). The caution is on Clearfield canola where the crop can be damaged when propyzamide is applied after emergence, but pro... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 215mar2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...t, and even more so with the boondies (rocks) we usually have in the soil. 6)Unfortunately, Justica Clearfield wheat is officially not meant to be traded over the fence. I dont know why BASF stipulate... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 215mar2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ver, the competition is that using the Imi herbicides are cheaper and stronger if you are growing a Clearfield cereal. The Boxer Gold (800g/L prosulfocarb + 120g/L S-metolachlor) registration has been... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 214feb2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...the most profit for most of you. There is a case for also growing a variety like Justica or Grenade Clearfield wheat to add a different maturity and different herbicide option. The Clearfield wheats have a great role if they are being sown onto barley stubbles and bromegrass paddo... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 214feb2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...I do suggest a Clearfield wheat in your system like Justica or Grenade because they are the easiest way to control...
  ...l yield as good as most varieties on non- acidic soil. Grow Scope instead of Buloke because it is a Clearfield variety making weed control so much easier for the same yield and malting quality as Bulo...
  ...if not right now. We have Corack that is almost as good and is better in a few situations. We have Clearfield wheat options for weed control, and we have varieties on the verge of release that have u... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 214feb2014.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...the crops have recovered. I dont think there is much future for canola varieties that only have the Clearfield tolerance because clethodim is failing and there is no other useful option to control lar...
  ...barley onto either a wheat stubble or a paddock that has bromegrass, I would urge you to grow Scope Clearfield barley or a Clearfield wheat (with Jockey on the seed). It is cheaper and better to control the brome and wheat... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 212nov2013.pdf: [Buy this] types from using propyzamide. I have never seen crop damage from propyzamide on canola except on Clearfield canola when used after sowing. More on this later concerning the trials done this year on...
  ...ide on CL canola? This is an update of the observations so far on using propyzamide after sowing on Clearfield (CL) canola. Previously, it was not safe to use propyzamide post-sowing/pre-emergent or p... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 211oct2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...unjin is an outstanding variety. It is ideal for a second cereal. Grenade (CL) looks to be the best Clearfield wheat with a few improvements on Justica CL and Kord. Barley: In summary, my suggestions... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 210sep2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...itrogen early to encourage more tillering. Following on its heals in the next year or two will be a Clearfield version of this variety. New outstanding oat It is not very often that a new variety is r... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 208jul2013.pdf: [Buy this] like 80ml Imazapic (240g/L) + 30ml Imazapyr (250g/ L), or 100ml Imazapic. 2) If it is normal or Clearfield wheat in normal barley, your only option at the moment is metribuzin. The earlier you spr...
  ...egistered where you are. Wheat out of barley - There are two situations here. 1) If the barley is a Clearfield rained in within a few days of spraying (alkaline soils will want a little lower rate tha... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 208jul2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...from high rates of Monza. Barley grass, brome grass and/or silver grass out of wheat or barley - In Clearfield wheat or barley, the best option is to use the Imi herbicides. These herbicides are cheap... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 208jul2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...on CL canola So far in the trials done across Australia using propyzamide post-emergent on the new Clearfield (CL) canola varieties, the results are looking promising. More trials are still being spr... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 206may2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...+ 0.2% wetter does a good job at greatly suppressing the tillered bromegrass. Of course if you have Clearfield wheat or barley and have bromegrass, barleygrass or silvergrass problems, the strongest a...
  ...sulfone) a go at 200g/ha or more and only on very small barleygrass, but assuming you do not have a Clearfield cereal, then by far the cheapest option this year is Monza (750g/kg sulfosulfuron). A few... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 205apr2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ering Scope barley as Buloke because Scope is now an approved malting variety as well. Scope is the Clearfield or Imi tolerant version of Buloke but with plumper grain. Some other varieties have also... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 205apr2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...t early emergence apply the Terbyne (terbuthylazine) or Atrazine with the propyzamide. However with Clearfield canola, the propyzamide should be applied before sowing for crop safety reasons.... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 204mar2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...addocks. Paddocks being sown for hay would be the best options because some weeds wont matter. Even Clearfield wheat or barley being sown onto a non-Clearfield cereal can be sown dry. I would be using a Sakura brew pre-sowing and then I can easily control all the self-sown non- Clearfield cereal with the Imi herbicides early post-emergent. Dry sowing works better than sowing a... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 204mar2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  .../or apply it a little later. So, since canola can tolerate propyzamide used post-emergently (except Clearfield canola varieties), and where we need some extended residual activity, we can apply it ear...
  ...les, prickly lettuce, medic and capeweeds as Terbyne is. The Atrazine is stronger on grass control. CLEARFIELD CANOLA 1. Pre-sowing, 1.0-1.5kg/L propyzamide (500g/kg/L). Then at 1-3 leaf stage, spray...
  ...l, you can improve the Imi component by adding 5-10gai/ ha of Imazapyr, or more if you are sowing a Clearfield cereal the following year where the carryover will not matter. Do not add Imazapyr (eg Ar... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 204mar2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...+ 0.1% Li700. Snippets 1. In WA with our dry Spring and relatively dry summer, I would be sowing a Clearfield cereal on your Clearfield canola stubble or vice- versa. The risk is high this year of the Imi herbicides carrying...
  ...n front of any crop. But with the triasulfuron in there, we can only use it in front of cereals and Clearfield canola. The usual rates are 15-20g/ha with glyphosate and it must have a spray however, t...
  ...sletter, many paddocks of ryegrass are no longer controlled with clethodim and if this is you, then Clearfield canola is not a good option for you because if you do not achieve excellent grass control... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 203feb2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...with the app on newer devices and operating software. It is being attended to. We have a problem 1) Clearfield canola is virtually dead in the water. 2) I do not consider any clethodim versions are as... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 203feb2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ime, but that has a few problems (the weeds may have already set seed, registration issues etc...). Clearfield canola is as good as dead to me now because we have lost clethodim and have no other mean...
  ...nola unless it had a good dose of propyzamide on it. Without effective radish and ryegrass control, Clearfield canola as its only trait is dying a rapid death.... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 203feb2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...s to grow RR canola if possible, and if you cannot use RR canola, to use a TT canola instead of CL (Clearfield). With CL canola, your post emergent options to control ryegrass are either the Imis, whi... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 203feb2013.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...e Mace, Scout or Corack as the better options. Kunjin is consistently the best soft wheat. The best Clearfield wheats are Justica in WA, and Grenade in the eastern states. Grenade has CCN resistance a... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 203feb2013.pdf: [Buy this] year unless you can get plenty of cheap seed. I see an important role for Scope barley, the Imi (Clearfield) tolerant version of Buloke. Officially Scope is not an approved malting variety, but it... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 202dec2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ola across the Australian landscape. Have a moment to ponder this. With TT (triazine tolerant), CL (Clearfield) and non-herbicide tolerant canola, you still need to clean up grasses with clethodim, bu...
  ...owing to give residual grass control and take the pressure off post-emergent grass control options. Clearfield canola has had its hey-day and will be grown less until it is combined with other herbici... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 202dec2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...propyzamide post-emergent on CL canola, but it is currently safe on all other types of canolas. On Clearfield canola, propyzamide must only be used pre-sowing and only a small amount used post-sowing... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 202dec2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ent performer like Hyola 404RR is. CL canola There is not a lot of yield difference between the top Clearfield canola lines mentioned below. They are all good. Generally lean more to the quicker matur... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 201nov2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ill run out soon, and the Logran (triasulfuron) in it causes residual problems for legumes and non- Clearfield canola crops, hence limiting its usefulness. Triclopyr (Garlon) is now very cheap but it... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 200oct2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...will be tight, so order ASAP if you would like some. Justica and Scope over the fence Justica is a Clearfield wheat and Scope is our only Clearfield barley at the moment. BASF have the ownership of this technology and will not allow tradi...
  ...l the end point royalty (EPR) so the companies owning the seed do not miss out. If BASF had allowed Clearfield cereals to be traded freely, like Mace and other great varieties, they would have spread...
  ...evolutionise Australian livestock farming. Some new cereal varieties for 2013 Grenade CL. This is a Clearfield wheat released for South Australia and Victoria. It does not appear to be higher in yield than other recent new Clearfield varieties, but it does have before then at all times. If heads have emerged, slash them A... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 200oct2012.pdf: [Buy this] WA has had another low rainfall year, the risk of the Imi (imidazolinone) herbicides used in the Clearfield crops carrying over into next years crop is high. If you are on alkaline soils, this is n...
  ...quicker in alkaline soils, and conversely, last much longer in acidic soils. Therefore if you grew Clearfield canola this year on acidic soil and have suffered a low rainfall year, I would sow that paddock next year to a Clearfield cereal. With varieties like Justica and Scope, you will not miss out on much yield from t... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 199sep2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...y be a few superior options next year. We will see how the trial results go after harvest. The best Clearfields are the two new ones from Pioneer: 45Y86CL (group B blackleg) - abit tall but better bla...
  ...own yet). And PacSeeds Hyola 575CL (group D) - A shorter but excellent mid season variety. With all Clearfield varieties, there is not a lot of yield difference between them so choose on different mat... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 197jul2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...more than us in WA), it is not cheap, but it does a lot of weed control overall. Another idea is on Clearfield canola to spray propyzamide pre-sowing but only the width of the inter-row, and after sow... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 196jun2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...midazolinone (Imi) herbicides and the prices are falling. The Imi herbicides are the ones to use on Clearfield crops only. They will kill all other types. Re Intervix, I would never use it. It is weak... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 196jun2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...June 2012 No. 196 Page 5 Scope, both Clearfield varieties. In Clearfield canola, you can spray in the one mix Imazapic + Imazapyr + Lontrel + Select/Verdict/Targa...
  ...icker on alkaline soils. If you want more residual control, perhaps because you are growing another Clearfield crop next year, simply increase the Imazapyr component to 15-20gai/ha (if registered wher...
  ...aves and Imazapyr kills the roots stopping weeds from recovering. To make your own Midas for use in Clearfield cereals, you would add about 520ml/ha of MCPA LVE (500g/L). However, you can add Tigrex,...
  ...arleygrass, wildoat and cereal control you can get. Very cheap !!! So cheap it makes the growing of Clearfield cereals a terrific option. This is why I have been encouraging you via these newsletters...
  ...e risk. Two mistakes here. 1) No propyzamide up front. 2) Too slow to spray the grasses. There is a Clearfield canola crop somewhere in the ryegrass.... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 196jun2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...(Flame) or Imazapyr (Arsenal), but will tolerate old residues of these in the soil. If you resow a Clearfield canola paddock and do not want to sow peas, sow it to Scope barley (a Clearfield variety) or the quickest new Clearfield wheat you can get hold of. These will tolerate Imi herbicides at any rate at any timing.... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 195may2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ets to the 3-leaf stage. You have slightly more time with broadleaf crops, but not a lot more time. Clearfield, Roundup Ready and Liberty Link crops definitely should be seeded dry because you have go...
  ...options and you can give these crops the best chance at obtaining whatever yield the season allows. Clearfield wheat and barley should be grown a lot more if you are dry sowing. Use these for their we... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 195may2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...May 2012 No. 195 Page 5 Too much propyzamide on the furrow will damage emerging Clearfield canola, especially if the furrow is open and chemical washes down to the seed. Once Clearfield canola has emerged, the bigger it is the more tolerant it is to propyzamide and it can be... crops and yes with oil adjuvants, and even with UAN is fine. The crop you can cause damage to is Clearfield canola. The bigger the Clearfield canola, the more propyzamide it will tolerate so if Select (clethodim) and the Imi herbic...
  ...d PSPE (post-sowing, pre-emergent). This is safe on all pulse crops and all canola crops, except on Clearfield canola you need to be careful. I often recommend a mix of Factor and Select on a paddock... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 194apr2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...canola, and non-herbicide tolerant canola (if any is still grown). It is not safe post- emergent on Clearfield canola. Perhaps with future varieties it might be. Remember that propyzamide kills by roo...
  ...eed to spray propyzamide after emergence, it can be done safely, not legally, on all canolas except Clearfield types, and on all pulse crops. Yes it can be safely mixed with glyphosate, clethodim, clo... problems on any of the above crops listed. NOTE: Do not use propyzamide PSPE or post-emergent on Clearfield canola varieties; not until we definitely know a future variety is tolerant. At the momen... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 193mar2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...March 2012 No. 193 Page 6 Clearfield cereal the following year where the carryover will not matter. Do not add Imazapyr (eg Ar...
  ...grass control of the Terbyne, but propyzamide is the strongest option if you are allowed to use it. CLEARFIELD CANOLA Pre-sowing, 1kg/L propyzamide (500g/ kg/L). Then at 1-3 leaf stage, spray 21- 24ga... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 192feb2012.pdf: [Buy this] looks good. 2) Aim to sow canola starting in the third week of April, especially RR. 3) Consider Clearfield cereal if sowing on cereal so you can remove the self-sown contamination. 4) Saintly duru... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 192feb2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...sted and made an error in the December 2011 newsletter re the new wheat variety Wallup. It is not a Clearfield variety as listed in that newsletter, it is just a normal wheat type. My apologies for this. Without the Clearfield trait, it is an OK variety but others are better. Controlling Lesser Loosestrife Lesser l... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 192feb2012.pdf: [Buy this] called Emu Rock. Mace and Corack are better, and going on the 2011 NVT trials, so is Cobra. For Clearfield wheat, Justica is still the best one in my view with Kord doing equally as well in parts... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 192feb2012.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Its yield and reliability go a long way to make up for it not being a malting variety. Scope is the Clearfield version of Buloke (a malting variety) and as you have seen mentioned several times, they...
  ...e, yields as good or slightly better, and you can achieve better weed control because it is an Imi (Clearfield) variety. You can now sow Scope onto a wheat stubble and control all the self-sown wheat.... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 191dec2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...o be bought by the Chinese for malting at a discount to the top-line malting varieties. Scope - The Clearfield version of Buloke. Not a malting variety at this stage, but the naughty ones of you are d... other varieties. Kunjin - Highest yielding Soft wheat variety in WA. Justica CL Plus - This is a Clearfield wheat variety. Though not as high yielding as the above, it is a good reliable variety. U...
  ...problem paddocks, with Jockey (fluquinconazole) on the seed for take- all control. A new and better Clearfield wheat option for Victoria, and possibly southern NSW and areas in SA is Wallup. This is has good root nematode resistances and with its Clearfield trait, it could be a handy variety for you. Yitpi - This is still proving to be such a re... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 191dec2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...l areas, but for you up north where the season is hotter and quicker, these two should be your main Clearfield variety options. Yes they start flowering quickly, but they can keep flowering if the sea...
  ...ot far behind. They are so close in yield I would be growing them instead of the hybrid 555TT. Imi (Clearfield) Three very good varieties are still the Pioneer lines 44Y84CL (quick), 45Y82CL (medium)...
  ...s are breaking down on those farms. They are not as disease free as they used to be. The new hybrid Clearfield variety just released is 43Y85CL (very quick). It is even quicker than 44Y84CL but still has excellent top end yields. Grab some seed if you can find some. The best PacSeeds Clearfield line is Hyola 575CL. It is a shorter variety in at yielding as the later maturing varieti... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 191dec2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...and the prices are falling making them very attractive options. By the way, if you use Sakura on a Clearfield wheat variety, you do not need to use Monza or Topik to clean up. You can use the cheaper... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 191dec2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...rection of getting some decent disease tolerance into a pea variety. Impose CL Plus This is the new Clearfield wheat variety that has been released but it is not very imposing (pun intended). I mentioned it in previous newsletters under its original name of IGW3097. It is Western Australias first Clearfield wheat bred here. Impose comes from Wyalkatchem parentage and looks nice in the paddock, h... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 190nov2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...own seed. 3) Summer spray as early as possible. One half tank per morning is good. 4) Order/grow a Clearfield wheat or barley for weed control diversity in 2012. 5) Have near nil tolerance of Rutherg... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 190nov2011.pdf: [Buy this] resistances in their varieties are at the low to very low end . So if you have been growing only Clearfield varieties from Pioneer, next year grow a variety or two from PacSeeds or NuSeed, and TT o... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 190nov2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ..., but so far, it is not causing a problem with yield, screenings or germination of the seed. Grow a Clearfield wheat and barley for weed control As mentioned in the article about growing Scope barley instead of Buloke, a Clearfield cereal gives excellent options. I would have them in my selection of varieties. If you grow a Clearfield wheat on barley stubble, you can kill all the barley easily and cheaply, and vice-versa.... cheap, you can use very high rates to get a years residual control and follow it up with another Clearfield cereal or canola crop. A Clearfield cereal is the cheapest way of obtaining bromegrass control. I will update you on the best... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 188sep2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...the slightly higher yielding one. Kunjin is higher yielding than Mace which shows how good it is ! Clearfield wheat The best is Justica Plus from AGT Seeds with yields in the Espada / Gladius range,... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 188sep2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...rofitable barley variety for another year or three. Scope is Buloke but with Imi tolerance, so is a Clearfield variety, with equal to slightly higher yields and most importantly, fatter grain and subs...
  ...n type only suited to the medium-high Both of these varieties are substantially better than the old Clearfield wheats JNZ and STL. I would definitely be having either of these varieties in my cropping... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 188sep2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  .... PacSeeds informed me that they have different blackleg genes in their RR canola compared to their Clearfield canola, and are different again in their TT canola. Pioneer and NuSeed also reportedly ha...
  ...definite if that will always be the case. As an example, if you grew a PacSeeds RR line, a Pioneer Clearfield line and a PacSeeds TT line, you probably have a wide range of blackleg resistance genes... (page: 9)

Newsletter: 185jun2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...4Farmers, Imtrade and now many others have cheaper versions of these chemicals. I mentioned several Clearfield brews you can make on your own in the May 2011 newsletter, and save a small fortune. 13)... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 184may2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...4 Prompts for the coming month 1) The easiest way to grow cereal on cereal is make the second one a Clearfield variety. 2) Jockey on the seed will control take-all on wheat or barley better than any o... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 184may2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...nd spray it with Imi herbicides (not registered yet but might be by the time sowing comes). See the Clearfield wheat and barley brews section for ideas on what to spray for weed control. Scope is the same as Buloke only with the Imi (Clearfield) tolerance added. 2) How to remove wheat out of other barleys? This is harder, more expen...
  ...the wheat plants. 3) How to remove barley out of wheat? This is easier than the above. If you have Clearfield wheat, then the Imi herbicides will easily and very cheaply control the barley, and many...
  ..., it will not only make bromegrass and barleygrass control a lot cheaper, but also wildoat control. Clearfield wheat and barley brews We have some good new Clearfield cereal varieties widely available this year. All have double Imi genes which means they a...
  ...tes you have Kord. All have reasonable yields around the Espada / Gladius levels. There is only one Clearfield barley at the moment and that is Scope, a derivative of Buloke. This seems to be similar...
  ...easy to grow Scope on wheat stubble and have no wheat in it. All you need to do is sow it on a non- Clearfield wheat stubble and spray the Imi herbicides on the Scope. Examples of some brews are below. Also the same can be done in reverse where you can sow Clearfield wheat onto barley stubble, spray the Imi herbicides to kill all the self-sown barley and... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 184may2011.pdf: [Buy this] to be used in place of Precept, but I do not know if it is compatible at the time of writing. Clearfield canola brews Clearfield canola should have 1L or 1kg Propyzamide (500g/L/kg) pre- sowing to give residual grass c...
  ...and others dropping their price of Imazapic and Imazapyr to only a few dollars/ha, weed control in Clearfield crops has become very cheap. Imazapic is the strongest Imi herbicide available at killing...
  ...crops. Rotation idea: Now that we have very cheap ($4-8/ha) Imi herbicides and good (not great yet) Clearfield wheat and barley varieties, it opens up a very nice option for a few paddocks - probably not registered yet where you are. Grow Clearfield cereal one year and Clearfield canola the next or vice-versa and in the first year, use something like 150ml Flame + 100... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 183apr2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...lazine) or Simazine + Atrazine (eg 1.5kg Simazine + 0.5kg Atrazine both 900g/ kg). As an example on Clearfield canola, use 1L Outlook pre-sowing on the trial area, and compare it to 1L or 1kg/ha of pr... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 183apr2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...a. The radish will cause more yield loss than 4L of Roundup will. As per usual, it is a compromise. Clearfield canola Intervix (33 g/L Imazamox + 15 g/L Imazapyr) is the weakest and most expensive her... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 183apr2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...or so of rain on the paddocks since, then the paddocks would be safer to be sown to wheat again, or Clearfield canola. The risk is also high of there being a problem with high rates of Atrazine, propy... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 182mar2011.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...n that part of Australia. So, my reading of that is, it is now legal to use Flame (Imazapic) on any Clearfield wheat or canola even though those labels do not say you can, but Imazapic is registered in other products to use on Clearfield crops therefore we can legally use it now in WA. This makes it the same as the Victorian... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 181feb2011.pdf: [Buy this] is either a flood or drought so often that the love for hybrids by most of you is being tested. Clearfield canola - These are still the highest yielding canola varieties for most people. Pacific S... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 180dec2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...e taking no risks in growing RR canola by trying to force everyone to buy fresh seed each year. The Clearfield lines 44Y84 (quick maturing) and 45Y82 (a few days later to flower) are the two best vari...
  ...6Y83. The quicker ones are better when the finish to the season is a dry one. The new Pacific Seeds Clearfield lines Hyola 575 and Hyola 676 look good too, but I need to see more trials to see how con... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 180dec2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...k. It all matters. Correction In the November 2010 newsletter, on page three where I mentioned some Clearfield wheat varieties I was keeping an eye on, I had a senior moment and had a typo error on on... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 179nov2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...e a noodle stack but no soft wheat segregations. Talk to your grain marketing adviser ASAP re this. Clearfield wheats coming For years we have been promised better Clearfield wheat varieties but all have fallen over before release because of grain quality and dise... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 179nov2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...and see the NVT results after harvest to decide which are the better ones to go for. All of the new Clearfield cereal varieties have double Imi tolerance genes which enables them to tolerate any of the imidazolinone herbicides at any growth stage. The current two Clearfield wheats cannot tolerate high Imi herbicide rates until they are past the 4-leaf stage, whi...
  ...n Magenta. Supposedly one of the best wheats for early vigour and has good rust resistances. As for Clearfield barleys, we have Scope barley widely available. It is an Imi (imidazolinone) tolerant Bul... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 178oct2010.pdf: [Buy this] to 404RR in yield. You will be impressed with either of them. We will see after harvest, but the Clearfield varieties 44Y84 and 45Y82 look as good or better than the above RR lines. I suspect 44Y84... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 177sep2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...84CL (quick and probably the highest yielding variety in Australia). You will not go wrong with the Clearfields 45Y82 (best for direct harvesting) and the longer season 46Y83. These are awesome variet... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 176aug2010.pdf: [Buy this] on RR varieties at the moment (cant vouch for future varieties but so far it has only been Clearfield varieties that do not like propyzamide post-em). If people have not used propyzamide pre-...
  ...highest yielding one and is a long way ahead in yield of all current RR varieties. But there is one Clearfield canola you need to keep an eye on, and that is Pioneer Seeds 44Y84 CL. This looks to be the highest yielding Clearfield canola, and is 3-5 days quicker maturing than the brilliant 45Y82. From what I have seen so far, the new Pacific Seeds Clearfield lines are a big improvement, but Pioneers varieties still lead the way. 45Y82 CL is super...
  ...d in yield with the new 44Y84 CL, and its quicker maturity will be a bonus to many. If you love the Clearfield varieties (the highest yielding types at the moment), then make sure you have your name on some of this variety. Dont throw out 46Y83 yet, the longer maturity Clearfield variety from Pioneer. This again looks brilliant in the field this year, and I think we m... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 176aug2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...August 2010 No. 176 Page 8 The Clearfield canola variety 45Y82 is the best by far I have seen that will not easily shatter and lend... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 175jul2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ed well. With canola yield potentials over 2t/ha (probably well over 3t/ha from many reports on the Clearfield canola crops in the eastern states), then I would be wanting at least 100kgN/ha on those... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 173may2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...oxer Gold on time. It matters a lot. It is residual and will keep working for weeks. Snippets 1) On Clearfield canola, spray the Flame or Intervix type chemicals at the 1-2 leaf stage of the canola wi... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 172apr2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...hey do as much weed control as possible in the crop. Ally, Logran BP, Logran or Glean before sowing Clearfield canola is fine. Even an hour before sowing. 2,4-D ester 80% is far less residual than 2,4... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 172apr2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ray grade crystals). Snippets 1) Got Loose Strife problems in your canola? It is easy to control in Clearfield canola as the Imi herbicides all control it quite well-- Imazapic (Flame) and Imazapyr (A... a reasonable job on it in TT canola. 2) Victoria can legally use neat Flame or Arsenal on their Clearfield crops and are much cheaper than the very expensive and weak Intervix herbicide. Keep an e...
  ...he products worked exactly as expected and are as little as $7.50/ ha for 90ml Flame equivalent. 3) Clearfield canolas are usually much better in waterlogged soils than other types. They can still dro... a risk for you and you still want to grow canola on that paddock, see if you can change it to a Clearfield variety and sow it ASAP. Locusts Driving through South Australia I saw hundreds of cars c...
  ...t. This should also be the case on Liberty Link (InVigor) canola when they become available, but on Clearfield canola, all varieties so far seem to show some growth damage if propyzamide is sprayed an... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 172apr2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...e hybrid seed. However, the kept hybrid seed will still retain its tolerance to Roundup, Liberty or Clearfield herbicides no matter what the reps say to you. Only isolated plants will not have their r... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 172apr2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...r, you will need to order it by the end of this year to get it in your hands by March. The two best Clearfield canola varieties, 45Y82 and 46Y83 also sold out awhile ago, but keep checking with the ag... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 171mar2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...canola together! So for example, lets assume you are sowing RR canola. You could mix it with TT or Clearfield canola to increase the seed rate to the one your seeder can handle. Then when you spray R... and you will have nicely spaced out emergence. This of course works the same when mixing TT with Clearfield. Whichever herbicide you use on the crop it is tolerant to, it will kill the other canola... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 171mar2010.pdf: [Buy this] It is crucial to take the weed burden off the Roundup and have some residual grass control. On Clearfield canola, I would also be dry sowing this as much as possible, but again it must have the E... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 171mar2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...RR canola package We in WA seem to be more questioning of those telling us what to do. Remember the Clearfield debacle? They too started off not asking us what we want, but told us what we must do. We Aussies (especially WA farmers) told them to take a hike. Today, there is no Clearfield package. We grow it how we see best. The same needs to be with Monsantos RR canola. As wi... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 170feb2010.pdf: [Buy this] they will invest heavily into giving us frost tolerant crops etc... I would be growing about 75% Clearfield canola and about 25% RR canola. The Clearfield for the most profit, and the RR for cleaner paddocks (for grass control). Only where I ha...
  ...ns of herbicide resistant radish would I grow TT canola (Jardee is the pick of them in most cases). Clearfield and RR canola will cope with low levels of radish, and Clearfield more so with residual control if the radish is still susceptible to the Imis. Remember th... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 170feb2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...genes, and stacked herbicide tolerances (ie crop is tolerant to Roundup and Liberty, or Roundup and Clearfield etc...). All hybrids should only be sown at 2kg/ ha maximum assuming you have an OK no-ti... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 170feb2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ith 2.2kg Atrazine (900g/kg), but I think Terbyne has been a little better in my experience so far. Clearfield canola: Pre-sowing, I would be using 1kg propyzamide if allowed, and then at the 1-2 leaf... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 170feb2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ty. At least there is some logic prevailing. In the next few years, we should have some really good Clearfield barley and wheat varieties being released where we could add Arsenal with the Flame and not have to worry about carryover. These cereal varieties would be good to sow after Clearfield canolas where patent product supposedly coming onto the market soon, it is also the cheap...
  ...letter but of course didnt realise just how bad it was going to be in South Australia and Victoria. Clearfield herbicides on CL canola The first herbicide we were offered for Clearfield canola was OnDuty, a mixture of Imazapic and Imazapyr (imidazolinone herbicides, or Imis)... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 170feb2010.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...with Flame without having to suffer a yield loss that we do with the current ancient, low yielding Clearfield cereal varieties. However in the mean time, because the yield of the Clearfield canolas are so much higher than the TT varieties (generally), finding some cheap Flame an... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 169dec2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...of the NVT trials, but as mentioned in the previous newsletters, from what I have seen of 45Y82, a Clearfield variety, it is the standout one. 46Y78 is the proven one and is brilliant, but is a longe... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 169dec2009.pdf: [Buy this] cannot get hold of the CHYB-166RR line from Canola Breeders WA. As a side note, some of the new Clearfield and RR varieties coming through in 2011 are outstanding. Very exciting indeed. Expect to... ideal for no-till where you sow it between last years cereal stubble rows. Canola too tall? The Clearfield canola variety 46Y78 and several other long season ones are very high yielding varieties.... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 168nov2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ell, and keeps on yielding as high as the normal Buloke, then I can see we may be growing this Imi (Clearfield) version of Buloke instead because of its better weed control options. Some will be in tr...
  ...on when and if they are released, but right now, these are the varieties I would be sowing in 2010. Clearfield: I still wonder why more of you do not take notice of this group of varieties. These for...
  ...They beat the pants off TT varieties. I have clients who have taken several years to try these best Clearfield varieties, but when they finally did grow them, can see why I recommend not growing TT va...
  ...f this variety for next year but keep 46Y78 as your main one for now because it is a proven winner. Clearfield varieties are the best by far in waterlogged paddocks, with 46Y78 the clear standout so f...
  ...d well over 4t/ha this year while the TT lines will probably not be much over 2t/ha. A good quicker Clearfield variety, with an R rating to blackleg, is Hyola 571CL. This is a good variety to grow. It...
  ...d to really question why you are growing these varieties now and not so readily dismiss the awesome Clearfield varieties. TTs are substantially lower yielding in my clients paddocks. At a guess, acros... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 168nov2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...egume pastures. It is safe on all canola types if used pre- sowing, but never use it post-sowing on Clearfield canola varieties. It has been damaging on this canola type with all varieties so far. In... I have seen of them in the paddocks and in trials, I would rather be growing the higher yielding Clearfield and RR varieties. But, if you are going to grow TT canola, these hybrids need to be on yo...
  ...TT hybrids would be higher yielding, however, I would still prefer to grow the even higher yielding Clearfield hybrids and RR varieties (for cleaner paddocks). However, because most people will still... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 168nov2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ost-emergent on RR (Roundup Ready) or LL (Liberty Link) canola varieties. It is not safe post-em on Clearfield canola varieties, but is no problem pre-sowing. TT: Propyzamide pre-sowing, then at the 1...
  ...razine + 1% Uptake + 1% AMS. Terbyne to me sometimes worked better than Atrazine for the same cost. Clearfield canola: Propyzamide pre- sowing, then at the 1-3 leaf canola stage, spray Lontrel + Imaza... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 166sep2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...d this GM technology a decade ago, so if given the opportunity, all of my canola next year would be Clearfield 46Y78 and RR varieties. The possible exception is the hybrid TT variety called Jardee, wh... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 166sep2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...that are coming). Stacked gene varieties are also likely. I would not shun varieties like 46Y78 (a Clearfield hybrid). I fail to see why more of you are not growing this variety if you are in the med... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 163jun2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...rying to force us to grow crops inefficiently if we grow RR canola. This smacks of the old debunked Clearfield canola stewardship program. We all told them what to do with it and now we can grow it ho... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 163jun2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ha (300g/L clopyralid). It can be mixed with Roundup in RR canola, with Imidazolinone herbicides in Clearfield crops, and with Atrazine in TT crops. When we have InVigor (Liberty Link) canola, it can... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 163jun2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...his is for salvage only and is not registered of course for most people reading this newsletter. In Clearfield canola, Arsenal (Imazapyr) and Flame (Imazapic) are the two strongest Imi herbicides. Usi...
  ...e soils. An example of a brew (unregistered in Oz) to control big flowering radish in newly emerged Clearfield canola on neutral to alkaline soils is 100-120ml Flame (240g/L Imazapic) plus 15-50ml Ars...
  ...ear. So for example, if you have used 150ml Flame and were on acidic soil, that paddock could go to Clearfield wheat next year. These Imi herbicides should always have 1% AMS and 1% Hasten (or similar...
  ...from last year. Some canolas are more susceptible than others but I am unaware of the latest RR and Clearfield canola varieties and their susceptibility to Brodal. If it is showing a problem, do not t... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 163jun2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...are coming with better glyphosate tolerance will tolerate sprays at any time (so I am told). 6) On Clearfield canola, you can spray Arsenal, Flame, OnDuty, Intervix etc... + Select + Lontrel all toge... (page: 9)

Newsletter: 162may2009.pdf: [Buy this] down closer to $20/kg, and then use either Roundup or Liberty if GM canola, or Imi herbicides if Clearfield canola. You should have very little bromegrass after these two crops. The first cereal cr... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 161apr200r.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...bicide on the weeds and other herbicides were usually also needed. It was easier to grow Peola with Clearfield canola because pre-sowing Imidazolinone (Imi) herbicides were safe on both crop types, but only Raptor (Imazamox) was safe enough on the peas to use post-emergent. Clearfield canola can tolerate any of the Imis at any time. But with the availability or Terbyne (te... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 161apr2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...bicide on the weeds and other herbicides were usually also needed. It was easier to grow Peola with Clearfield canola because pre-sowing Imidazolinone (Imi) herbicides were safe on both crop types, but only Raptor (Imazamox) was safe enough on the peas to use post-emergent. Clearfield canola can tolerate any of the Imis at any time. But with the availability or Terbyne (te... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 161apr2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Page 3 You can still use grass selective herbicides post-emergent if required. If growing Peola as Clearfield canola and peas, then it is nice to have some Arsenal (Imazapyr) pre-sowing, as in 25-50m... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 161apr200r.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Page 3 You can still use grass selective herbicides post-emergent if required. If growing Peola as Clearfield canola and peas, then it is nice to have some Arsenal (Imazapyr) pre-sowing, as in 25-50m... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 161apr2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...would be growing all RR canola except on the worst radish paddocks where I would still grow awesome Clearfield varieties like 46Y78, or maybe the hybrid TT called Jardee if you want to have the triazi... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 161apr200r.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...would be growing all RR canola except on the worst radish paddocks where I would still grow awesome Clearfield varieties like 46Y78, or maybe the hybrid TT called Jardee if you want to have the triazi... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 160mar2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...main type of canola varieties that you will be growing. There will be Roundup, Liberty and possibly Clearfield versions of these canolas in Australia soon. Monola TT varieties are the TT varieties wit... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 160mar2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ap above Thunder, Tanami, Cobbler and Bravo which are all good in their areas of adaptation. As for Clearfield, 46Y78 is awesome and is followed by Hyola 571CL. Interestingly in the NVT trials, 46Y78... year - 46Y81. If you are a canola grower and are not growing the GM canolas, you must try the Clearfield variety 46Y78. It is well out in front of the other varieties. It is just a pain to harve... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 160mar2009.pdf: [Buy this] there. All these trials are done with normal, traditional herbicides for weed control. ie., the Clearfield lines do not receive any Imi herbicides, the Roundup Ready... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 160mar2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ithin two years of the Liberty Link varieties being available, Western Australia will be 90% GM and Clearfield canola. The quicker you grow these GM varieties, and the Clearfield hybrids like 46Y78, the more profit you will be making. Rust risk this year With summer r... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 160mar2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...t method to have some herbicide around the weeds roots right from the beginning. If you are growing Clearfield canola, ideally again it would have 1kg Edge pre-sowing and then post-emergent you would... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 160mar2009.pdf: [Buy this] SU. The triasulfuron in it limits it to only be used on acidic soils and in front of cereals and Clearfield crops. A mixture of Ecopar and Logran BP gives virtually complete coverage on all weeds y... (page: 9)

Newsletter: 159feb2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...sowing herbicides With the price of Edge pricing itself out of existence, growing legumes or TT and Clearfield canola is going to be a little more difficult this year from a weed control point of view... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 159feb2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...lly the Bayer Liberty Link varieties. But I would still be growing them as much as possible. Of the Clearfield varieties, if there was a Spring rain, the variety 46Y78 was outstanding in the field. Ab... (page: 9)

Newsletter: 159feb2009.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...wing mainly GM canola by then. Radish control in canola It puzzles me why many of you shy away from Clearfield canola because of the perceived poor radish control. Even on SU resistant radish, a lot o...
  ...our that is nice to have to compete against the radish. The best radish control is usually from the Clearfield canola paddocks, even when some SU resistance is present. Where very bad SU resistance oc...
  ...ak crop so many of you badly need. But for now, if I had a radish problem, I would first choose the Clearfield canola varieties over the TT ones. If you obtain your own Flame (240g/L Imazapic) and Ars...
  ...but on acid soils, it will almost always cause residual problems in next years crop unless sowing a Clearfield wheat. So on acidic soils, I would only use 50- 120ml Flame with 50-100ml being the usual... (page: 10)

Newsletter: 158dec2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Roundup or even the Basta. However, the following crop needs to be tolerant to Arsenal such as any Clearfield crop, and most legumes will be fine as long as they are not sown for a few months after s... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 158dec2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...e following is what I have recommended to some clients with this weed. Grow 5-7 years of cereal and Clearfield canola only. No legumes. Straight after harvest, spray with Roundup + 10-20g Glean + 5g A... + MCPA works very well too. It is very important not to only use the SUs in the cereal phase. In Clearfield canola, use some Glean pre-sowing and spray post-emergent with the Imi herbicides, such OnDuty, Intervix, Flame and/or Arsenal. If Clearfield wheat was following the Clearfield canola, or vice-versa, and if allowed, I would use a very high rate of Arsenal and Flame,... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 157nov2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...olerance to more than one herbicide in the one plant, like Roundup + Liberty (Basta), and Roundup + Clearfield, but there may also be ones like Roundup + tolerance to herbicides like Affinity (carfentrazone), Pledge (flumioxazin), and Kixor (saflufenacil) a few more years after that. Clearfield canola For us in Western and South Australia who have no legal access yet to the GM canola varieties, the standout varieties are the Clearfield hybrids. 46Y78 looks awesome in the paddocks, and the quicker maturity one but slightly l...
  ...fantastic variety, I would still order sooner rather than later. There are also some new non-hybrid Clearfield varieties from Pioneer (44C79 replaces 44C73, and 43C80). The one of interest to me is 43...
  ...ever, it may only be available for the eastern states in 2009. Pacific Seeds now also have a hybrid Clearfield canola variety, called Hyola 571CL. I have not seen in it the field and nor can I find yield data of it, so I do not know if it is better or worse than the other hybrid Clearfield options. TT canola I have not seen any new standout varieties yet that we can grow in 200...
  ...blems that summer weeds give. If using SUs and want to grow canola on the paddock next year, grow a Clearfield canola variety. On acidic soils, using Ally (metsulfuron) on the... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 154aug2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...gronomic point of view, not a legal one. After you harvest your Roundup Ready, Liberty (InVigor) or Clearfield hybrid canola crops this year, there is the temptation, strong temptation to keep the see...
  ...will still equal or outyield TT canola varieties, and still have their glyphosate, Liberty Link or Clearfield herbicide tolerance. However, in almost every case, it is far more profitable to use new... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 154aug2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ding the Roundup Ready hybrid seed, sow it at 1.5kg/ha that has been blended with 3.5kg/ha of a TT, Clearfield or any non Roundup Ready canola variety so that you sow the whole blend at 5kg/ha. Then w... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 153jul2008.pdf: [Buy this] chickpeas and lentils. One other option is canola on canola. These days it is possible to grow a Clearfield canola crop after the TT crop, but only on these small scale situations where you need in...
  ...ise profits. It can work well if the TT canola was a multi-gene, blackleg resistant variety and the Clearfield variety you grow the following year also has multi-gene, high level of blackleg resistanc... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 151may2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  .../kg butafenacil) can be used as a knockdown spike in front of barley and oats, as well as wheat and Clearfield canola. In most cases this is true. 10-25g/ha of Logran BP will usually not have any ill... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 150apr2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...if moisture is down at depth. 3) Check emerging crops and pastures for excessive pest problems. 4) Clearfield canola instead of TT will reduce need to use scarce Atrazine. 5) Please let us know if a... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 150apr2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...old out or are available in limited quantities. You have a few other options. One option is to grow Clearfield canola instead of TT canola. The Imi herbicides are much stronger on radish anyway than A... You can safely use pre-sowing herbicides such as treflan, dual (metolachlor) and propyzamide on Clearfield canola, but you will need to use the Imi herbicides at the 1-3 leaf stage of the canola f...
  ...eptible, even that rate of Simazine will not control all of the radish. You would be better growing Clearfield canola or a cereal crop. Clover seedlings are prevalent through much of the Great Souther... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 149mar2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...08 No. 149 Page 4 someones glyphosate being contaminated with something that could harm the canola. Clearfield canola & wheat Got no weed problems? Sow these canola varieties dry too if there are...
  ...weeds and SU resistant ryegrass. It will still kill a lot of SU resistant radish at 50-75ml/ha. For Clearfield wheat varieties, you have more options. You can use the Imi herbicides at any appropriate... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 149mar2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...nce you can. 2) Grow the opposite in herbicide tolerance. Eg. If last year was a TT variety, grow a Clearfield one this year and vice-versa. In future years, many of us in Australia will hopefully als... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 148feb2008.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...e if it is registered in your country for the use you intend it for. Do not use it post-emergent on Clearfield canola varieties. Pre-sowing is safe, as it is on other canola types and varieties. Post-...
  ...ns on TT varieties do not appear to be as damaging (I havent seen or heard of any damage), but some Clearfield varieties show significant damage from propyzamide applied after sowing. Only apply it pre-sowing on Clearfield canola. If you have a very grassy paddock and your sowing system creates furrows, you are...
  ...row. The way around this is apply some propyzamide after sowing, but not a lot, especially if it is Clearfield canola. 200-300g/ha of 500g/kg product is all I would add. Higher amounts can be added sa... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 147dec2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...and/or swathed to reduce the shattering losses. It is still a great variety though. 46Y78 - hybrid Clearfield canola Seed was in very short supply of this awesome variety in 2007. I am told there sho...
  ...d with slugs and snails. If re-seeding is a high probability, it would be cheaper to grow any other Clearfield (non-hybrid) or TT variety on those paddocks. For all the other paddocks, I would be grow... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 147dec2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...undup is not good timing . If you are on acidic soils and the crop planned for 2008 is a cereal, or Clearfield canola, then Logran BP (200g/kg butafenacil + 500g/kg triasulfuron) is a very handy produ... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 147dec2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...,4-D ester), as we have been doing for decades. One option that you may consider if you are growing Clearfield crops and can find some cheaper Arsenal (250g/L Imazapyr), and if allowed to, is to add 1... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 146nov2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...lly come to the fore, as anything without herbicide tolerance is not an option. So it is all TT and Clearfield varieties on my shopping list, until GM lines become available. And there at last has bee...
  ...603CL and 501TT to blackleg. If you grow canola, the best variety I would grow is the hybrid 46Y78 Clearfield variety from Pioneer Seeds. It would be my number one variety! Expensive seed, but is the...
  ...esistance and oil. Keep seed rate to 1.5-2kg with a good notill seeder. The quicker maturing hybrid Clearfield variety, 45Y77 is good, but is not as good as 46Y78, and I think the new TT varieties are... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 143aug2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...o reports this year of canola being killed by propyzamide (eg Kerb, Edge). In both cases, it was on Clearfield varieties (Rocket and 46C76) and only when used after sowing. In both cases heavy rains w...
  ...age treatment, but it is not ideal that way. It also appears to be a very risky thing to do on some Clearfield canola varieties here in Australia. Many of you have sent me photos this year showing me... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 143aug2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ting tolerance (some argue Hybrid Hyola canola on the right. Other plots are a mix of TT and normal Clearfield canolas. This vigour is what we can look forward to when we get the GM Liberty and Roundu... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 140may2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  .... Ive never seen it be a problem. It should be on the label to be used in front of all cereals, and Clearfield canola varieties. And in case you did not know, if you accidentally, maybe accidentally on purpose, used Ally, Glean, Logran or any other SU herbicide in front of Clearfield canola, or Angel medic, then it wont hurt the canola at all, and will have negligible eff... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 140may2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...h 5g Glean and oil, or 5g Ally + wetter, or add MCPA or 2,4-D amine depending on the crop stage. In Clearfield canola, the Imi herbicides + some Lontrel will control the sow thistles easily. In pulse...
  ...k, and are not suffering from frost damage. Rates are similar to those mentioned above for peas. On Clearfield canola, dont forget it is OK to add a grass selective, such as Select (240g/L Clethodim),... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 139apr2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...osts about $4 per 100g. The old name of it you may be more familiar with is Lexone. So, because the Clearfield JNZ wheat variety is a dog for yield, and some areas in the eastern states cant deliver the higher yielding Clearfield STL variety, and because Atlantis and Monza are very expensive on wheat to control/suppre...
  ...Spray.Seed + 0.3-0.6kg Eagle Rock wheat after metribuzin had been used post- emergent. Dead weed is Clearfield canola. Adding a little diflufenican would have made it even hotter.... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 139apr2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...he used with the metribuzin. Do not use harrows in no-till - thought Id just pop that one in again. Clearfield crops These are crops that are tolerant to the Imidazolinone (Imi) herbicides - Imazapic,... more residual gram for gram than any of them. 100ml/ha Flame (240g/L Imazapic) on bromegrass in Clearfield wheat.... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 139apr2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...though if you can find some old Arsenal or Clearsol, you will be able to use it safely on your Imi/Clearfield crops. In Australia, if you are growing Clearfield wheat varieties, Midas is the official herbicide, but in Victoria, you can make your own...
  ...ter weed control, but also more risk of residual problems for next years crop (in acidic soils). In Clearfield cereals, adding diflufenican improves the spectrum of weeds controlled and gives residual...
  ...roup. Adding MCPA LVE gives another chemistry group and so makes it a very potent herbicide mix. On Clearfield canolas, it is OK to mix any of the Imi herbicides (Imazapic and Imazapyr in Australia) w... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 138mar2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...when using Logran BP because it has the Logran (triasulfuron) in it, so only use it in front of IT (Clearfield) canola and cereals. One critical piece of information you need to remember is that the t... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 137feb2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ave been a few massive spanners thrown into our canola variety selections for this year. The hybrid Clearfield varieties, 46Y78 and 45Y77 are now not available, apparently due to frost having destroye...
  ...ieties are `potentially available next year in Victoria - ie drastic seed shortages. So if you want Clearfield varieties, you will need to go back to Rocket or 46C76 (high rainfall), 45C75 (medium rai... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 137feb2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ugh that we still have to grow varieties with yield potentials way below what is available with the Clearfield hybrids and the GM varieties that are waiting in the wings . It could be a great year for... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 136dec2006.pdf: [Buy this] Glean (chlorsulfuron). This is only for acidic soils and if the following crop is a cereal or Clearfield canola. Do not use it if you are on alkaline soils as we all know it can hang around for...
  ...s also excellent on melons (dont use on highly alkaline soils though) or in front of legumes or non-Clearfield canola. Note: To all the overseas subscribers, if you ever want to check up on our chemic... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 136dec2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...are on the move more than other insects and so have more chance of walking across a sprayed strip. Clearfield wheat varieties If you are in Victoria and grew one of the Clearfield wheat varieties this year (STL or JNZ), a request has been made for you to hold on to the... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 135nov2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...excellent rust tolerances. Use it as a herbicide tolerant crop to help with weed control problems. Clearfield STL is Stiletto with tolerance to the Clearfield (Imi) herbicides. If you like growing Stiletto or Spear, then this variety will give you... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 135nov2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...the best of them in 2005 in the medium and high rainfall areas but Bravo is not far behind. In the Clearfield (CL) canola lines, Pacific Seeds Rocket CL has not been performing as well as expected. I... inclined to drop it and replace it with one or more of the better varieties below. Pioneer Seeds Clearfield variety 44C73 for the low to medium rainfall areas is OK but dont grow it where blackleg... is better than Rocket CL. But, high rainfall areas have an even better option now with Pioneers Clearfield hybrid 46Y78. This is the one Id be growing. Yes it is ~$18/kg, but with a yield advantag...
  ...make you at least $225/ha more profit because of its higher yield and higher oil. 45Y77 is another Clearfield hybrid variety with a blackleg resistance of 8. It is more suited to medium and low rainf... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 133sep2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ver problems in next years crop. To spray paddocks out, if they are going to be sown to a cereal or Clearfield canola next year, I would be using something like 1-2L Roundup + 15g Logran BP + 5g Glean... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 133sep2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...r insecticides. You should not need a grass selective later on unless conditions have been dry. For Clearfield canola, apply the Edge pre-sowing, the insecticides PSPE, and early post-emergent apply t... (page: 9)

Newsletter: 130jun2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ew yet in faba beans in Australia but it might be allowed next year. We know the brew works well on Clearfield canola and so as long as crop safety is OK on faba beans, it will give good weed control... up to you to check the labels for your country, state and area before using any of these brews. Clearfield brews Clearfield tolerant crops can tolerate the Imidazolinone (Imi) herbicides. In Australia, these are k...
  ...das 22g/L Imazapic + 7.3g/L Imazapyr + 288.5g/L MCPA LVE). Not all are registered for use though on Clearfield tolerant crops in Australia. Clearfield canola As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the herbicide Intervix will cause less A fa... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 130jun2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ey will cause crop damage etc... All twaddle! I would rarely use 40g/ha OnDuty for grass control in Clearfield canola. The results are just too variable and the risk of having to come back and spray w...
  ...ass is self sown cereal. Eg A low dose of OnDuty + Lontrel + 175- 200ml Targa + 1% Hasten + 1% AMS. Clearfield wheat The main problem in using Imi herbicides on Clearfield tolerant wheat is that the current varieties we have are not completely tolerant - the cu...
  ...e going to use the full label rates. Any earlier and you can cause crop damage. Most people growing Clearfield wheats are doing so because of bromegrass problems. You need to use at least 30g OnDuty or 75ml Flame for this weed. If I were in Victoria, a typical brew on my 3-4 leaf Clearfield wheat would be 50-75ml Flame + 15-20ml Arsenal + 20ml Brodal + 250-500ml MCPA LVE + 1% Ha...
  ...type herbicide to improve the broadleaf weed control spectrum. If silvergrass is a problem in your Clearfield wheat, I would use up to 100ml Flame if allowed, or ~80ml Flame + 20ml Arsenal. 100ml Fla...
  ...tralia, when Flame and Arsenal are off patent, and when we have far better wheat varieties with the Clearfield trait. Weed control will become much cheaper and easier. Currently the Clearfield wheat varieties are considerably lower yielding than the best varieties available!. Cheap... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 130jun2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  .... Two of the main ones you can save money on, and have greater flexibility with are making your own Clearfield herbicides (mentioned previously) and Tigrex. It is not cheaper to make your own Brominil... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 128apr2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...addocks like that, you are more likely to need some cypermethrin in with your knockdown herbicides. Clearfield wheat, or Eagle Rock? I am sorry to say there are not many trials I can find to answer this question. Here in WA we do not like the Clearfield wheats because they are so much lower yielding than other varieties, and with the Imi her...
  ...ol one or two weeds, like bromegrass or barleygrass. Eagle Rock is tolerant to metribuzin, but like Clearfield wheat varieties, it is not the greatest yielder. However, it is quite good where it is so...
  ...ed to use Treflan, Avadex or Dual mixtures pre-sowing to get better ryegrass control. For us in WA, Clearfield JNZ is a dog of a variety but Clearfield STL is not too bad. I dont have enough experience nor have seen enough trials to know if you would make more money with Eagle Rock using metribuzin, or Clearfield STL with Midas/OnDuty/Intervix etc... Metribuzin is cheaper than OnDuty, Midas and Intervix, but for those in Victoria who are allowed to make their own cheaper versions of the Imi (Clearfield) herbicides, you can save yourself about $20/ha. Metribuzin is still cheaper though - 200... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 127mar2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...course). It is much safer than I have ever expected, year in year out. Post-em of course, you have Clearfield options on Clearfield wheat varieties, and Monza or Atlantis on all other wheat varieties, but in my experience... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 127mar2006.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...March 2006 No. 127 Page 4 of the best in most trials in the eastern states. For Clearfield canola, there were very few trials done that I can find. Rocket CL from Pacific Seeds loo...
  ...ot go and buy it to grow this year based on its widespread dismal performance in 2005. Other better Clearfield canola varieties are Pioneers 46C76 and their new hybrid variety called 45Y77 - the first hybrid Clearfield canola in Australia. 44C73 is more suitable for the lower rainfall and lower risk blackle... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 125dec2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...later on unless conditions have been dry - Edge, like Simazine, needs moisture to be activated. For Clearfield canola, apply the Edge pre-sowing, the insecticides PSPE, and early post-emergent apply t... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 123oct2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...aim to fame at the moment is its much larger seed size (35-50% bigger than Beacons). Warrior (CL) - Clearfield line with similar maturity to 44C73. Past yield data was not that exciting. Will need to see how it performs this harvest. Rocket (CL) - Clearfield and looks excellent. Past data (limited) showed it outperforming 603CL in yield, but was... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 121aug2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...y next year about what to do with the metribuzin. The following year, I would sow it, ideally, to a Clearfield wheat and would make my own cheaper version of Midas, if allowed. If a better Clearfield wheat were available, I would be very tempted to use lots of Arsenal (Imazapyr) for increased residual control and would grow another Clearfield wheat crop after this one. However, instead of using Midas type chemicals again (ie Imaza...
  ...A + Dicamba). If this hypothetical paddock was in an area that could grow canola, I would only grow Clearfield canola, either instead of one of those Clearfield wheat crops (eg if the season broke really early), or it would follow after those two Clearfield wheat crops. Of course I would make my own cheaper OnDuty (Imazapic + Imazapyr) brews if... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 120jul2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...very interesting photo above that shows what nematodes can do (thankyou to Stuart McQueen). This is Clearfield JNZ wheat seeded on one day in 2004. In 2003, the better crop on the left was where Sloop... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 120jul2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  .../ha. Best varieties are Pioneers 38F70 or 3571, or Pacific Seeds DK477. Pacific Seeds Hycorn 53-IT (Clearfield tolerant variety) might be a good option too if you want to grow Clearfield canola next year and use plenty of cheaper OnDuty type chemicals to control the weeds. Co... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 119jun2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ddocks with no weed problems should have been seeded dry by now. This includes paddocks planned for Clearfield wheat if the weeds are bromegrass or wildoats. Firstly, the following chemicals are all O...
  ...u should still wait for a germination, a knockdown and then start sowing. I would have dry sown all Clearfield wheat paddocks by now that are low in ryegrass because I know I could control all the wee... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 118may2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ny weeds, here are a few suggestions. If you have only radish, turnip or mustard as weeds, grow IT (Clearfield) canola as this is the easiest type in which to control these weeds. If you are allowed t...
  ...erfect, but many times it leaves too many survivors. My advice if you have ryegrass and are growing Clearfield canola is to use the Flame (or similar) to control the Brassica weeds and add a grass her... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 118may2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...May 2005 No. 118 Page 7 Clearfield wheat and brome grass Is it better to grow the lower yielding Clearfield wheat varieties and use the very expensive herbicides at label rates, or do something else to control bromegrass? Well firstly, if you read what I wrote above about Flame in Clearfield canola, the same principle applies to Clearfield wheat. Flame is a lot cheaper than Midas and OnDuty, so if you are allowed to use it, use Flame. That makes Clearfield wheat a bit more attractive in terms of profit potential. I would not be growing any of the current Clearfield wheat varieties unless I could use Flame. I would be growing these wheats on paddocks whe...
  ...a high rate so it is quite a cheap option. If the weed problems were not too bad, and I was growing Clearfield wheat or Eagle Rock, I would be dry sowing many of those paddocks because I know I could... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 117apr2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...sses, but you will need to use 25-50g/ha type rates to get the best effects on grasses. In front of Clearfield canola, yes you can use Glean, Ally, Logran, Logran BP without damaging the canola. Do no... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 116mar2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...rk even better in this system because any weeds will be very young and tender at swathing time. For Clearfield canola, similarly knockdown the paddock before sowing if there are weeds present, but do... (page: 8)

Newsletter: 115feb2005.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...CL, so it will be an awesome variety, and it has the multi-gene blackleg resistance. Though it is a Clearfield variety, you do not have to use the Clearfield chemicals on it if you do not want to. Lazarus observations As this new Soft wheat (EGA 2... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 108jun2004.pdf: [Buy this] a problem and then to continue the contamination doses in all sprays from then on. No OnDuty for Clearfield canola I could not believe early reports of people having trouble purchasing OnDuty for use on their Clearfield canola and wheat, but it is true. Legally in Australia you are not allowed to apply post-...
  ...nnaker (Imazethapyr) or Raptor (Imazamox). Any rate with any adjuvant is OK with these chemicals on Clearfield crops and all four chemicals are registered somewhere in the world for use on Clearfield crops. SU chemicals post-sowing are all slightly damaging to extremely damaging. Logran (...
  ...ussar and Atlantis have not been trialled by me yet so I can not comment if they are safe or not on Clearfield canola. So if you have Clearfield canola out of the ground, have brassica weeds and cannot get access to any OnDuty, legall...
  ...n removed. There is Arsenal Express but this contains Roundup so is definitely not a safe option on Clearfield canola 12 row spacing with knife points into wheat stubble. Just need to cut it short at... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 108jun2004.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...t results. You are welcome to call me to discuss your options if you are in the situation of having Clearfield canola with brassica weeds (eg radish, mustard) and have no OnDuty to use. Advice via the... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 108jun2004.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...s profitable as other options. This is so much twaddle it almost does not warrant a reply. Take the Clearfield canola debacle in Australia. Marketing gurus were paid a fortune to develop the package for growing Clearfield canola - I would happily have given them advice for a tenth of the amount if they had ask... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 107may2004.pdf: [Buy this] work well, but you need oil with it. OnDuty type chemicals all control mallows well post-em in Clearfield canola. Brodal brews all control mallows in lupins or peas or cereals. For those in South...
  ...% with the Glyphosate and oil is the safer option. Wireweed and double-gees In front of cereals and Clearfield canola, 4-5g Ally or 5-10g Glean will assist in controlling Wild turnip Marshmallows To u... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 107may2004.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...seen it for themselves, Clearsol (Arsenal) has been removed. So my suggestions for weed control in Clearfield varieties are still similar. Pre-sowing, use Dual, Treflan, Yield etc..., and these days...
  ...chemicals in the soil. If you are worried about residues affecting this years crop, you can grow a Clearfield wheat variety or a legume like peas that wont have any problems with Imi herbicides carry... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 106apr2004.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...olerant wheat we will want to grow. It will be considerably higher yielding than any of the current Clearfield wheats, and the weed control will be much cheaper (less than half the cost), and it wont...
  ...sion in yield. At this rate, that is enough to kill most weeds, and do a better job than any of the Clearfield chemicals on grass control. I do not know what the label rate will be but it maybe 200g/h... and use metribuzin over it. It will be cheaper and more profitable than using the lower yielding Clearfield varieties that are currently available, and the Metribuzin has minimal risk of residue (c... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 105mar2004.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...egistrations will allow this one day soon. Glean, Ally and Logran in front of IT canola In front of Clearfield (IT) canola, any of these SU chemicals are safe to use. Got a Guildford grass (Romulea sp... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 105mar2004.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...100% control needs to be your longer term aim to control this weed. If you can achieve it, a pea / Clearfield wheat / Clearfield canola rotation would fix the problem, and so would a pea or lupin followed by a TT canola rotation. But assuming you have a problem this year, here are some suggestions. Wheat: Using a Clearfield wheat variety is possible, but they are lower yielding and though the herbicides (OnDuty,... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 102nov2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...rged an end point royalty, something you do not have to pay with Stirling. Canola: Surpass 603CL, a Clearfield variety that is still number one in my books. Do not let the Clearfield bit put you off. You do not have to use the Clearfield herbicides and it has been the highest yielding, highest oil variety around. Use big seed and sow it as early as you can. The new quicker Clearfield variety, Surpass 404CL, is looking good in trials and should be as good or perhaps even b... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 98jul2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...because this is very expensive - good residual control though. This is safe in front of cereals and Clearfield canola, but not safe in front of legumes or non-Clearfield canola. For summer spraying in front of legumes of any kind, or any non- Clearfield canola, I would be recommending Roundup + 30g Affinity (~50ml Hammer) + 300-500ml 2,4-D E... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 98jul2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  .../or 500ml Mantrac (or similar) to counteract the temporary deficiency that the Ally will induce. In Clearfield wheat, the previous brew for normal wheat is of course still fine to use, but if spraying...
  ...ter. Exact rates of course depends on weed size, crop yield potential etc... In canola, I would use Clearfield canola wherever possible (or Roundup and Basta resistant varieties when they become avail... adequate job. You can of course add Brodal if required for other weeds. Lupins/peas - to control Clearfield canola in lupins or peas, use 50-100ml Brodal + 50-75g Metribuzin (no wetter or oil, and... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 98jul2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...July 2003 No. 98 Page 5 products). For mallows in canola, if growing Clearfield canola, those chemicals will usually do the job from half rate to label rates. For contro...
  ...d with a big dose of Lontrel. Half rate of OnDuty now on label OnDuty is the registered chemical in Clearfield canola. Label rate was 40g/ha, but there has been a good change to the label in that they...
  ...s the way to go for better weed control, and less herbicide carryover. The yield is better on these Clearfield varieties than the TTs, so do not be afraid of the residual carryover problems when you u...
  ...oublegees (jacks for the South Aussies), radish and mustard type weeds, I would definitely grow the Clearfield varieties over the TTs as you will get better broadleaf weed control, and higher yields a... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 97jun2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...hed the four leaf stage. Grass control in broadleaf crops I covered the options for weed control in Clearfield and TT canola in the last newsletter. Please refer to that newsletter for those suggestio... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 96may2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...quizalofop), or 50ml Verdict (520g/L haloxyfop) added to an Atrazine top-up will control these. IT (Clearfield) canola Firstly to keep the authorities happy, if you use any brew below, it is up to you... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 96may2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ha, but I would only use it at 10- 25g/ha rates to control radish type weeds and nothing else. With Clearfield canola, you should not be using the Imidazolinone chemicals to control the grasses. The o...
  ...Imidazolinone herbicides. Warning: Do not apply SU (sulphonyl urea) herbicides post-emergent to the Clearfield varieties we currently have in Australia. They are not completely tolerant when applied p...
  ...Monza (sulfosulfuron), Eclipse (metosulam), Broadstrike (flumetsulam) or Hussar (iodosulfuron). The Clearfield canolas will tolerate these chemicals before sowing, and spray drift or contaminated boom... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 95apr2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...on using 30-50g of Logran BP with the Roundup, plus oil and wetter. The Logran is safe in front of Clearfield canola, but it is the Butafenacil that I am after. I cant see a Roundup resistant ryegras...
  ...reen plants when you sprayed. Theoretically, it would be safe to spray this immediately in front of Clearfield canola. Anyway, I digressed. Logran or Logran BP is fine pre-sowing in wheat or triticale... (page: 7)

Newsletter: 94mar2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...over problem, especially if you are using a variety with blackleg resistance of 8 or 9. If you grew Clearfield wheat or canola and used the full label rates of Midas or OnDuty, and the crop failed to...
  ...ype chemicals in the paddock that are likely to have carried over this year, grow another cereal or Clearfield canola. These can tolerate the pre- sowing rates of Monza, Glean and Logran. By the way, if you have Guildford grass as a problem and you would really like to grow Clearfield canola, the OnDuty chemicals will control the Guildford grass quite well, but it is cheap... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 94mar2003.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...March 2003 No. 94 Page 4 In front of Clearfield canola, use Ally. In front of lupins or other types of canola, use Affinity (carfentrazon...
  ...g Ally + 150-300ml 2,4-D ester80% + 1% oil + 0.1% wetter. So where would you use these? In front of Clearfield canola and cereals, the Ally and Logran BP brews are safe. The Affinity is safe in front...
  ...P is particularly excellent on Brassica type weeds, like mustard, radish, turnip, canola, including Clearfield canola. Do not get confused here. Logran BP in front of or before sowing Clearfield canola is safe. But Logran BP post-emergent is deadly. It will kill or severely damage wh...
  .... You will be impressed Im sure. Canola choices this year I am surprised at the disdain for growing Clearfield canolas in the northern and drier areas of the states. The reasons given by growers and c... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 92dec2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ..., especially with brassica weeds (radish, mustard, canola), and will brown out anything green. Even Clearfield canola is being killed very quickly with this product when used with Roundup. I only wish... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 92dec2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ack and Hamelin is the only suitable replacement for you. Canola Surpass 402CL was a quick maturing Clearfield canola with some major weaknesses - lodges, brodal residue susceptibility, and red seed....
  ...l want to try some of this canola, but remember how to grow it - ie., not according to the official Clearfield package. Sow as early as possible, ~2kg/ha seed rate by no-till seeder with press wheels... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 90oct2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...severe stripe rust: Westonia, Calingiri, Wyalkatchem, H45, Carnamah, Cascades, Brookton, Stiletto, Clearfield STL, Tincurrin, Corrigin, and Harrismith. Other varieties reported to be infected with st... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 88aug2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...verkill on radish type weeds, but if and when they are registered, it would make our growing of the Clearfield crops much more efficient than it currently is. Availability of cheaper chemicals Just a...
  ...has improved the control and speed of kill. Adding Logran or Eclipse is not useful if the canola is Clearfield canola, but is if there is radish or other types of canola. If you are controlling self sown Clearfield canola, make sure that you use something with Brodal in the brew (or straight Brodal if registration allows you to). It is cheap and the Clearfield canolas do not like it, especially 402CL. Always add 1% oil (any sort) because this hots...
  ...Eclipse has a short residual and should not be a problem for following crops. If anyone is growing Clearfield wheat after Clearfield canola and is using Midas (OnDuty plus MCPA LVE), make sure you add some Brodal/Sniper ty... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 86jun2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ngly Eclipse has been an important part of the brews because of its strength in killing canola (not Clearfield canola though), and its compatibility with all grass selective herbicides. It also is one... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 85may2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ype chemicals also give good suppression of Guildford grass so this weed should not be a problem in Clearfield (IT) canola. These canolas are also tolerant to SU residues. Ally pre-sowing with Roundup is safe in front of Clearfield canola, and so should Glean be. However, I have not personally seen this for myself yet.... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 84apr2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...0ml 2,4- D Ester + oil & wetter. This can be used in front on cereals, and now also in front of Clearfield canola, but allow a few days to allow the ester to not be a problem. One day in front of... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 84apr2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ed the previous year or three. IT or TT with radish? A common question lately has been about sowing Clearfield (IT) or TT canola when radish is the problem weed. I would sow the Clearfield varieties preferentially because with Atrazine, if it does not control all the radish early on, you have nothing left to control it in TT canola. However in Clearfield canola, you have several very good products available that can control the radish through... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 83mar2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...antagonism. They should be interesting products to try this year. Keeping canola seed Now that the Clearfield canola package is no more (hooray), you are allowed to keep you own seed from the Clearfield canola varieties. For most of you, those varieties are Surpass 603CL, Surpass 402CL, and... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 83mar2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...arieties they expect to be planted this year. It varies from region to region, but also the fear of Clearfield herbicide residues has had a huge impact on peoples thinking, as has Diamond Back Moths....
  ...then. To test in one trial varieties like Surpass 501TT, Oscar (normal variety) and Surpass 603CL (Clearfield variety), there is a high chance the results are quite meaningless. Usually these trials...
  ...rmination of weeds. In reality though, each type of variety is treated very differently. The TT and Clearfield varieties are more likely to be sown dry or within a few days of it raining. This increas...
  ...pen to have some radish problems, it cannot be controlled in all varieties. However in reality, the Clearfield canolas can easily control radish (and cheaply) and can express a yield advantage over th... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 83mar2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...thrin + 300ml Chlorpyrifos. For longer false wireworm control, you will need up to 1L Chlorpyrifos. Clearfield canola You do not have to use OnDuty anymore on Clearfield canola. If you grow one of these varieties, like Surpass 603CL, you should now be much le...
  ...cals to control the radish instead of OnDuty. A warning on this. Some of you may think that because Clearfield canolas can tolerate drift from SUs like Glean that you can spray this on the crop. This...
  ...trials done last year. From what I saw last year, I would never use Ally or Logran post-emergent on Clearfield canola. They were severely affected. Glean, Monza and Eclipse set the canola back, but it...
  ...t it was hard to pick where it had been sprayed by the end of the season. However, Ally in front of Clearfield canola has shown no effect at all on the canola (not visually anyway). I did not get to s... safe to do so. Many last year used Roundup + Ally + Affinity in their knockdowns in front of the Clearfield canola. This did appear to be perfectly safe, which is what the Canadians found many year... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 82feb2002.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...also that it is now possible to grow Surpass 603CL without the OnDuty chemical if you want to. The Clearfield package at last has seen the light and is allowing us to grow it more efficiently. Lupins... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 81dec2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ggested varieties. *You will notice on the normal canola row that I have suggested Surpass 603CL, a Clearfield variety (not that the Clearfield canola package exists much any more). This is because you can now grow this variety witho...
  ...CL* Surpass 603CL* Canola (TTs) Surpass501TT Hyden Beacon (?) Surpass501TT Hyden Beacon (?) Canola (Clearfield) Surpass 603CL (by far) Surpass 603CL (by far) Lupins Tanjil Wonga Belara Tanjil Wonga Be... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 81dec2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...because Allys half life is only ~2weeks, usually less. You also have no risk of problems if you sow Clearfield tolerant canolas next year as these can tolerate SU residues. For paddocks going back to... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 80nov2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...but suffice to say for now that you are to be congratulated on removing the restrictions on growing Clearfield canola. You have not swallowed the blurb from the overseas hierarchy on how they say we must grow the canola. The Clearfield canola package sounds like it is going to be much better and more flexible next year, but... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 80nov2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...canola and pulses), assume you can spray 25cm on the row, and 75cm in a shield between the rows. On Clearfield canola, instead of $60/ha of OnDuty, you would only need $16/ ha (0.25*$60) - even less i... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 79oct2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...eds are already dead, but it would be a good option on many paddocks if the weeds were still green. Clearfield herbicide residues The chemical used in the Clearfield package, OnDuty, is made up of two Imidazolinone (Imi) herbicides - Imazapic (Flame) and... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 79oct2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...choice varieties for next year at this stage are Surpass 603CL (but do not grow it according to the Clearfield package),... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 79oct2001.pdf: [Buy this] By the way, to answer a very common question, there is no biological reason why you cannot keep Clearfield canola seed, only a contractual one--which hopefully one day soon will be non- existent.... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 77aug2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...y interesting summer legume. SUs on IT canola The strip trials of Sulphonyl Urea (SU) herbicides on Clearfield (IT) canola have shown some interesting things. At one site, the farmer sprayed strips of... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 76jul2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...awn beetles). Snippets 1) With OnDuty, 1% Hasten seems to be giving more robust control of weeds in Clearfield canola than 0.5% Hasten type products. Might not have any difference in yield at this sta...
  ..., Eclipse, Broadstrike, Ally and Monza. 3) Glean and Ally with your knockdown herbicide in front of Clearfield canola has certainly shown no problems at all, which supports all the trial results I cou... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 76jul2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...C71 in particular. However, the latest varieties are all fine with OnDuty at any stage. Most of the Clearfield canola in the ground is Surpass 603CL and 402CL, which are very tolerant to OnDuty, so sp...
  ...having to throw everything at it. No Seed=No Weed! makes it possible. When you have Basta, Roundup, Clearfield and Bromoxynil resistant crops, you will be able to sow the crops and use these chemicals...
  ...t the use of a pre-sowing knockdown. A Sprayseed resistant crop would be nice too . Eg. If you have Clearfield wheat, but the only weeds are geranium and clover, you dont need the Midas (OnDuty type c... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 74may2001.pdf: [Buy this] stock feed. May 2001 No. 74 Prompts for the coming month 1) Add another canola variety to your Clearfield canola if you have trouble sowing at 2kg/ha. 2) Be aware of herbicide carryover before yo... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 74may2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...five plants are kept free of insects, and add some extra nitrogen ASAP to help them bush out. With Clearfield canola, the trick to profitability this year is a low seed rate and where possible, using...
  ...der to sow accurately at 2kg/ha, this is what I suggest. Assume you can sow at 4kg/ha, but want the Clearfield canola at a 2kg seed rate. Add 2kg Pinnacle or other non Clearfield variety to the Clearfield seed and mix thoroughly. Firstly though, the Clearfield seed should be pickled with what I suggested in the last few newsletters, and the Pinnacl...
  ...ray the On- Duty (at about the 1-2 leaf stage), the Pinnacle will die and you will be left with the Clearfield variety. Wheat outlook Over the past two months, I have received four emails from people... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 74may2001.pdf: [Buy this] seeded accurately at constant depth and there are no furrows above the seed. Canola (normal and Clearfield) 1) 1L Dual PSPE (with 75ml Talstar + 200ml Lemat). 2) 1.7L Treflan or Stomp PSPE and inc...
  ...and hence carries the herbicides down better into the roots and crown. If about to sow a cereal or Clearfield canola, use 1-1.5L Roundup + 150ml Lontrel + 5-7g Ally. In front of normal or TT canola,... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 74may2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...he Eclipse brews are best when canola is a weed you are trying to control - no good for controlling Clearfield canola though. I do not trust the Sniper label of saying Select is OK with it. I need to...
  ...of a grass selective. Eg 3L Atrazine + 20ml Verdict (520g/ L) + 1% Uptake for wildoat problems. In Clearfield canola, make sure the On- Duty goes on at the 1-2 leaf stage of the canola - thats cotyle... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 73apr2001.pdf: [Buy this] this is a future recommendation. 2) Treflan, Dual and Avadex are also options in this scenario. Clearfield Canola (if I was allowed to ) 1) 1kg Kerb pre-sowing or PSPE, and 10-25g On-Duty post- so... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 72mar2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...alkaline soils may cause damage this year to susceptible crops. Make sure you only sow a cereal or Clearfield canola on these paddocks (more on their tolerance to these herbicides later). For Atrazin... $350/t at port for canola, these also warrant some serious thought about locking in some tonnes. Clearfield canola herbicide tolerances Clearfield canola varieties are tolerant to the Imidazolinone group of herbicides eg Spinnaker, Rap...
  ...they kill weeds by the inhibiting the same enzyme function (ALS inhibitors). In trials so far, the Clearfield canolas will happily tolerate accidental over-sprays or drift from Monza, Glean, Logran,...
  ...strike. This is why if you have SU residue problems this year, and want to grow canola, growing the Clearfield canolas is the only safe option. This does not mean you can spray Logran over your Clearfield canola to control radish, firstly because it is illegal (just about everything is with th... have any?). You will be able to use Ally or small doses of Glean in your knockdown before sowing Clearfield canola. You will also not have to worry about boom cleaning so much. If you have sprayed... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 72mar2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...for eastern state subscribers since these chemicals are not readily available in WA, yet), then the Clearfield canola will be safe from these chemicals. They are the same chemicals that make up On-Dut...
  ...stly cheaper than On-Duty, it is illegal to make your own On-Duty and spray these chemicals on your Clearfield canola. Raptor, the new herbicide for use in peas (described later in this newsletter), c...
  ...or us, but if it works for them, so be it. If you use Raptor or Spinnaker in your peas and then sow Clearfield canola the next year, though Raptor and Spinnaker carryover or accidental over-spray have no effect on Clearfield canola, you should not do this rotation because you are using B-group herbicides for two years in a row. Not a good practice and you should not do it. Clearfield wheat leave alone At this stage, I really cannot see a fit for the Clearfield wheat varieties currently available. The varieties available are nothing special in yield...
  ...r disease tolerances. Wait for the better varieties to be released and then re- assess them. If the Clearfield people make you stick to their ideas of how they want you to grow them, then we wont be g...
  ...ore encouragement from others would be good. index_en.htm Peaola with Clearfield canola Peaola is the growing of peas with canola to harvest both together discussed seve...
  ...xpensive. Many good herbicides that were safe on peas were not safe on canola and vice- versa. With Clearfield canola now around, these pose an attractive option to grow peas + Clearfield canola using Raptor and/or Spinnaker. It is not possible yet because you cannot get Clearfield canola without On-Duty and you are not allowed to keep your seed though there is no biological reason for this, just profit. I hope we will be allowed to in the future. Maybe the Clearfield people will package pea + canola + herbicide so we can do it legally, but it would be bet... and let us grow them as efficiently as we can. It would be nice to be able to grow peas with the Clearfield canola using maybe Dual or Treflan up front, followed post- emergent with 20-30g Raptor + oil/ wetter. With some Clearfield canolas being resistant to blackleg, it removes one of the rotation limitations. As soon as Clearfield canola is released from the inefficient seed/chemical packages they are currently tied to... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 72mar2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...iting, there was a little more 402CL left. As you know, I also suggest you do not grow them how the Clearfield people want you to. For most of you, there are more efficient ways of growing it, and mor... (page: 6)

Newsletter: 71feb2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...owing on wide rows but are having seed or fertiliser bounce problems, these might be just the shot. Clearfield canola deals On 20th December 2000, all the current newsletter subscribers should have received via email or fax an update on my advice concerning Clearfield canola. If you did not receive the article, you can download it from my website at the following link. Clearfield.rtf It is only a small file and any word processor should be able to read it. The package...
  ...varieties for 2001. They are Surpass 603CL and Surpass 402CL. Unfortunately they are linked to the Clearfield package, but the varieties are too good to ignore. Both are totally resistant to blackleg...
  ...rst served. It will be sold out very shortly. Pioneer are offering WA farmers a discount now on the Clearfield package ($61/ha instead of $76/ha and no payment until Dec 2001), and it would be attract...
  ...ieties, not the superior Pacific Seeds varieties (the Surpass 603CL and 402CL). None of the Pioneer Clearfield varieties have complete blackleg resistance, and three of them have very poor resistance... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 71feb2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...or be an eight with superior yield and oil qualities before you should grow them. How I would grow Clearfield canola I do not like being political, but I can not help myself make one pointed comment before telling you how I would grow Clearfield canola. With these awful linked packages of chemical and seed with restriction on how you...
  ...seed rate that is suitable for your needs, and spray chemicals as may or may not be required. With Clearfield canola, the package now says you can plant whatever seed rate you choose, but you must st...
  ...narios. If you have a very weedy radish, double-gee or silvergrass paddock, grow a TT canola, not a Clearfield canola. Even at 40g/ha of On-Duty, the weed control will not be as good as 4L Atrazine. A...
  ...eeds. Canola variety recommendations In order of preference, my recommendations are: Surpass 603CL (Clearfield) - blackleg rating 9 Surpass 402CL (Clearfield) - blackleg rating 9 Surpass 501TT (Triazine tolerant) - blackleg rating 9 Hyden (Triazin... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 71feb2001.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...l be higher, and there should be less need for weed control in your cereals. Think about crops like Clearfield canola. On 1m row spacings, you could spray the 20-40g/ha of On-Duty on the canola row, b... the 40g/ha rate). Weed control would also be superior. The Herbicide+Seed linked packages (like Clearfield) fall apart when you start farming like this. 40g/ha becomes nonsense because you might o... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 70dec2000.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...o badly ring-barked. Consider the following unofficial demonstration trial results, courtesy of the Clearfield people. Note: Not all varieties were in all trials. The varieties 44C71 and 46C72 are the two Clearfield varieties that were available to you this year. Their stem canker/blackleg ratings are on...
  ...I would be growing some Surpass 603CL next year - with more protestations about the further changes Clearfield need to make so we can grow this honestly and efficiently. I will have more to say about...
  ...d be controlled if they are in colonies - use 150-200g Pirimor (best) or 200ml Scud Table 2: Coroow Clearfield demonstration trial results - Nov 2000. Variety Yield % oil 44C71 1.38 45.7 46C72 1.43 45.7 Pinnacle 1.32 44.7 Surpass 603CL 2.04 47.3 Table 1: Esperance Clearfield demonstration trial results - Nov 2000. Variety Yield % oil Karoo 1.87 42.2 44C71 1.54 46...
  ...46C72 1.57 44.5 Pinnacle 1.78 45.0 Surpass 402CL 1.87 48.2 Surpass 603CL 1.90 50.3 Table 3: Nyabing Clearfield demonstration trial results - Nov 2000. Variety Yield % oil Karoo 0.83 39.9 44C71 0.83 44.3 Surpass 402CL 1.24 44.6 Table 4: Toodyay Clearfield demonstration trial results - Nov 2000. Variety Yield % oil Karoo 0.59 39.6 44C71 0.67 43... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 70dec2000.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...orgie Emblem Outback Canola (TTs) Hyden Pinnacle Surpass 600TT Hyden Pinnacle Surpass 600TT Canola (Clearfield) Surpass 603CL Surpass 402CL Surpass 603CL Lupins Tanjil Wonga Belara Tanjil Wonga Belara... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 69nov2000.pdf: [Buy this] is one other non-TT group of canolas for 2001, and I will cover them in the following section. Clearfield changes for 2001 You have done very well in not growing much of the IT (Clearfield) canola this year. Just as well too as the blackleg susceptibility has been an utter disa... see this years harvest results before commenting further on the 176 line. The people selling the Clearfield system have made some important changes, but more changes are required for us to grow the... (page: 3)

Newsletter: 63may2000.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...recommendation. 2) 3-5kg Propon pre-sowing. (Treflan can be added to either of these suggestions). Clearfield Canola (if I was allowed to ) 1) 1kg Kerb pre-sowing or PSPE, and 10-15g On-Duty post- so... (page: 5)

Newsletter: 61mar2000.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Clearfield canola blackleg ratings The Clearfield canola varieties are not as good in blackleg resistance as you think or are being told. There are two blackleg rating systems in Australia, and the Clearfield people have chosen to use the system that makes their varieties look better, which is of...
  ...ting, and WA uses an end of season, or adult resistance rating system. Using the WA system, the two Clearfield canola varieties, 44C71 and 46C72, have ratings of only 4 and 3. Compare this with Karoo at 4, and Pinnacle at 6. Karoo is shocking for blackleg, so growing these Clearfield canolas is very high risk, let alone the other awful features associated with the Clearfield system. Dont grow them for your own sake. Clearfield canola - more thoughts As long as seed is linked with chemical, I would not touch them. A... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 60feb2000.pdf: [Buy this] and Clancy. As mentioned in previous newsletters, I urge you not to have anything to do with the Clearfield canola system either, not because of performance, but because of the management rights yo... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 59dec1999.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...) Pinnacle Bugle Surpass 600TT(?) Hylite 200TT Pinnacle Bugle Surpass 600TT(?) Hylite 200TT Canola (Clearfield) Dont grow them Dont grow them Lupins Tanjil Wonga Belara Tallerack Tanjil Wonga Belara T... (page: 2)

Newsletter: 59dec1999.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...Georgie and Emblem being for short season areas, and Insignia and Trooper for longer season areas. Clearfield Canola saga Firstly, another reminder not to order or sign anything relating to this Clearfield scheme until it changes. It is such a... (page: 4)

Newsletter: 58nov1999.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...m some media interviews I have given, I am very angry about the marketing scheme for the IT canola (Clearfield Canola) that Cyanamid and Pioneer Seeds are trying to bring in. I am angry because I beli... choices if you sign the contract. Monsanto, AgrEvo and others are watching what you do with this Clearfield contract. If you accept it, then you will only be offered their varieties with their chem... (page: 1)

Newsletter: 56sep1999.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...f this type of canola to your bottom line. By the way, it is also now not called IT canola, but the Clearfield Production System. However, I have used IT throughout this article as that is what you kn... (page: 1)

Newsletter: pasture 3apr2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...ock, and they spread. One option is to crop the paddock for five years, preferably with cereals and Clearfield canola as these crops give you the best chemical control options on doublegees. If you wa... (page: 5)

Newsletter: pasture 5aug2007.pdf: [Buy this]
  ...from getting into the plant. Only use Logran BP if the paddock next year is going into a cereal or Clearfield canola. Another option to help the Roundup on broadleaf weeds is to add 2,4-D. If allowed... (page: 8)